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Ems - Kids Ear Muffs

Ems - Kids Ear Muffs

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The KIDS earmuff by Ems for Kids is a high-quality, industrial-grade hearing protection earmuff designed for your child, 6 months to mid-teens.

Ems for Kids earmuffs are designed to protect your child from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).  The excellent news is that NIHL is 100 per cent preventable. Being aware of the BIG noises in your world and investing in a pair of Ems for Kids hearing protection earmuffs is a significant first step to protecting the little ears in your family. Ems for Kids earmuffs are perfect for fireworks, live sports and music, in-flight travel, and loud noises around the home.

Ems for Kids earmuffs are designed in Australia and tested to GLOBAL SAFETY STANDARDS (ANSI S3.19 and EN352-1:2002).

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