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ChatterVOX Model 6 Kit

ChatterVOX Model 6 Kit

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The ChatterVox 6 is a lightweight voice amplifier that can boost your voice up to 22dB with its 6-watt power output. It weighs only 820g and is designed to rest comfortably on your hip. The device is powered by four environmentally friendly, high-capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries that provide around 8-10 hours of operating time per charge.

The ChatterVox 6 is equipped with a heavy-duty headset microphone, the HM-150. This microphone is designed for tour guides, auctioneers, or performers who need to project their voices. The microphone has a short boom that allows for optimal placement of the microphone element, minimizing breath and pop noise.

It is an ideal solution for physical education teachers, tour guides, or anyone who needs additional vocal power in an outdoor or noisy environment. The ergonomic design of the ChatterVox 6 makes it suitable for all-day use, while the rechargeable batteries ensure that it is always ready to use. The device also comes with a ruggedized headset microphone and a dedicated charger.

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